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Busting CIO myths

Jeanne Ross, director of MIT's Center for Information Systems Research and co-author of books on enterprise architecture, governance and IT value, looks at what's real and what's not

How CIOs can do reorganizations right

CIOs who reorganize too often (or poorly) are in danger of losing talent. The CIOs in this article have found ways around thatrn

How CIOs drive M&A success

Leading an acquisition is a significant career opportunity for CIOs, yet many fail to live up to the challenge. Here's the best way to succeed

Moving past old technology to new IT value

It seems we have stumbled upon a new paradox: archivist versus futurist. Read on for some CIOs' tactics on how to effectively manage the increased expectations of enterprise employees

Help the business to better understand IT

When you look at companies that have undergone massive cultural transformation, who do you think drove that change? These three CIOs have found their own ways to combat that enterprisewide lack of understanding of IT's role

How to call on customers

This doesn't sound tough to solve: Just call a few good customers and take them to lunch. But as is often the case with IT leadership, there's much more to it than thatrn

The built-in challenges that set up IT for failure

By using professional associations, forums and events, you can put together a long-term plan of attack. If you do nothing, these contradictions will continue to undercut you and block your successor's path to the Future-State CIO

How IT is set up to fail

A "CIO paradox" is deeply embedded in governance, staffing models, executive expectations, budgeting, even the titles that IT leaders hold

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