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Users call for end to SAP-Oracle lawsuit

The German software giant has admitted to some "inappropriate downloads" of its rival's content, but customers hope that doesn't mean it faces long-term repercussions

Software glitch scuttles Raptors squadron

A minor software glitch temporarily grounded a squadron of the newest and most sophisticated fighter planes used by the U.S. Air Force recently. A dozen F-22A Raptor jets were en route to Japan when six of the planes' navigational systems malfunctioned, forcing the entire squadron to return to Hawaii.

Oracle’s new CRM suite supports 19 Web services

Oracle Corp. Monday released the next iteration of its PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM application, version 9.0. The rollout is the most significant release since Oracle bought out its one-time software rival.

Whistleblower lawsuit filed against evoting industry

A federal whistleblower lawsuit has been filed against the evoting industry, alleging that one company sold electronic voting devices that did not perform as promised.

Big Blue beefs up its Web-to-host product suites

IBM Corp. last month announced that it will roll out new software suites and upgraded products designed to help companies bring more of their host applications to the Web.

AS/400 users get a Windows boost

IBM announced Monday its plans for rolling out products and programs to help AS/400 users interested in...

IBM building e-business security package

IBM Corp. said it has developed technology that could take much of the headache out of managing digital credentials for e-business.

IBM rolls out new e-market software

IBM Corp. is rolling out software that will enable would-be Internet vendors to host their own electronic marketplace.

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