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GM drives application development offshore

General Motors last week launched its latest Web-based application for car owners, marking the first time it has relied on an offshore organization for a big application development project.

Despite fiscal troubles, Ford beefing up IT staff

Ford Motor Co. has a list of IT projects it wants to tackle this year, including boosting security systems, shoring up network infrastructure and maintaining its core applications. But first, the automotive giant needs to beef up its in-house IT talent.

Is the worst yet to come?

Some say the IT job market is the worst it

IT jobs found via networking: surveys

As the economic slump spills into 2002, out-of-work IT professionals may have a difficult time finding work if they limit their searches to job Web sites.

Caterpillar digs into Agile development methods

To speed the development of a critical Web-based financial system, Caterpillar Financial Services Corp. made Agile methods a part of its project plan.

Patching the supply chain together

Crafting an application platform that can handle up to US$300 billion in automaker business each year is a daunting idea. For Covisint, the start-up tasked with mastering that challenge, so is the reality.

Start-up stuffs emails with Web content

Bring two seasoned rocket scientists together and you might be surprised at the result: Mobular Technologies, a technology start-up that makes a searchable e-mail product suited for e-mail marketing campaigns.

Users look for protection against vendor flameouts

With so many technology vendors struggling financially as corporate users hold the line on spending, some savvy IT managers are adding new clauses into licensing and outsourcing contracts to ensure smooth operations should a key supplier go belly-up.

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