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Online vote bidding declared a Web hoax

After changing its Web address twice to avoid the long arm of U.S. law, Vote-Auction.com halted its quest to sell ballots to the highest bidder and said it had been a hoax all along

Inprise to change its name back to Borland

Struggling tools vendor Inprise Corp. plans to return to its roots and change its name back to Borland.

Sun offers new J2EE licensing plan

Earlier this week, Sun Microsystems Inc. introduced a new licensing and royalty plan for its Java 2...

Few companies ready to outsource to ASPs: survey

Although many companies may want to unburden themselves from maintaining software applications, the majority of large and...

U.S. regulators widen inquiry into auto exchange

Officials at the Covisint online trade exchange being set up by the Big Three automakers confirmed lastn week that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has initiated another round of inquiries into the proposed newn venture, focusing on its technology infrastructure.

Microsoft offers free components via Web

Finding components to quickly build an application developed in Visual Basic may now be a bit easier...

ASPs eye e-mail hosting

The next turf war in the messaging market won

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