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.EU domains on sale from today

The first .eu domains will go on sale Wednesday morning. Until Feb. 7, only those with trademarks will be entitled to apply. From February, applications will be extended to trade and company names, and then finally, on April 7 the market will be opened for anybody who wish to apply for the new European Union domain.

director of production at Deutsche Bahn’s IT service provider, DB Systems

The world's largest Linux migration is speeding ahead, with the German national railway announcing Wednesday it has successfully moved all its 55,000 Lotus Notes users onto the open-source operating system.

Hitachi builds mega plant in China

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Inc. is going to build a US$500 million "mega manufacturing center" next to its two existing hard-disk plants in China to steal what it says will be a huge boom in consumer electronics in years to come.

Symantec, Norton need vital patches

Almost the entire range of Symantec Corp. security software, from Norton Internet Security through to the Symantec Firewall, require urgent updates, the company has warned, after a series of four extremely critical vulnerabilities were found by security company eEye Digital Security Inc.

Researchers see P2P software as security risk

P2P file-sharing software poses a massive security risk, researchers have warned.

Microsoft takes drastic step to keep Explorer viable

Microsoft Corp. has taken a drastic step to prevent Explorer from being undermined by security holes and announced plans to cut an Internet standard out of its browser.

Britain slips in world IT stakes

Britain has slipped in the last year when it comes to the effective use of information technology, the latest report by the Global Economic Forum has revealed.

T-Mobile buys Austrian Wi-Fi market

T-Mobile, a division of Deutsche Telekom AG, - the world's biggest Wi-Fi hotspot owner - has effectively taken over the Austrian wireless market with the purchase of Metronet for an undisclosed sum.

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