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Retooling retail

Broadband hasn't been more than a blip on the retail radar screen, but that's about to change. According to a recent series of reports by Forrester Research Inc., Web retailers will have to upgrade their websites to address the demands and needs of broadband shoppers or risk missing out on this potentially lucrative segment of the market.

Viruses No. 1 security threat

New viruses and blended threats ranked as the No. 1 security/business challenge facing companies this year, according...

Burned out unit

Exhaustion. Low morale. Stress. These are the symptoms of burnout, which, according to a recent survey, affects 71 per cent of corporate IT departments.

Cash crisis

When push comes to shove, companies are going to invest in technologies that will generate revenue now, rather than those that will keep the business alive down the road. According to a recent survey by Gartner Inc., one in three U.S. companies would suffer critical losses during a disaster because their recovery plans are not fully funded. Gartner surveyed more than 200 business/IT executives with knowledge of their company's disaster recovery plans.


Even though most companies have already installed antivirus software, many are evaluating new technologies to stop virus threats in 2003.

Greasing the gears

Spending on supply chain processes will outpace spending on applications over the next five years, according to a recent report by Cambridge, Mass.-based Forrester Research Inc.

More CIOs are reporting to the CEO

Companies are no longer ignoringthe strategic role that technology plays in their organizations, and their management teams...

Security takes money from other functions

Spending on information securityis up, but companies are making these investments at the expense of other IT ...

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