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Phones starting to outsmart laptops

Not too long from now, smartphones will be the device of choice for mobile computing. Fifteen years from now we will be looking back at the laptop with the same nostalgia some of us have today for a manual Underwood typewriter.

Has Internet killed the

Language changes with time. But should today's language of virtual communication kill the King's English? That's the stark question we face.

I bought Ottawa over the Internet

I bought the city of Ottawa over the Internet. The brainchild of Montreal

Getting protected against pretexting

Companies can safeguard against pretexting by educating frontline employees about social engineering tactics, creating a call-back policy whereby customer service representatives call the person back at their registered phone number to verify identity, issuing PIN for customer access to personal records and accounts, and making no exceptions to the use of PIN.

How distant is your Vista?

Will there be a rush to upgrade to Microsoft's latest OS?

Bright idea set to light us all up

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, a new take on "light-up" clothing may light up a room

Snoop Dog and

With technology that combines words information and music, I can see a time when the first dance at a wedding will be composed out of all the love letters e-mailed between the bride and the groom. Or, perhaps, chart-topping songs will be produced out of a tone-deaf accountant

MP3s in the office: Sounds of silence

Banning MP3 players from the office is the wrong way to deal with the threat of inside data theft. To be fair, I do see the concerns regarding theft. Certainly, I am not suggesting the threat does not exist. I am just getting a wee bit tired of people blaming problems on technology when the roots actually lie in human nature and environment issues

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