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A PC for papa

It was only six years ago that I decided to give my parents one of my old PCs and, since then, I

Quixote, Beagle Boy: A few thoughts on true hacker qualities

Often, you hear the media tag a person as a hacker only because that individual uses the tricks of that trade. That

iMoms, hear them click!

An iMom, who can also be referred to as the family CMO (Chief Memory Officer), is a tech-savvy mother whose ranks are drawn from distinct generations, including Baby Boomers and GenX members. These mothers are the family decision makers when it comes to digital cameras and printers, because they are the ones who use them most.


I am totally opposed to carriers having their finger on the button that controls what content we can and can

Has Gates got game?

How important is the gaming market to Microsoft? Consider their press conference at E3 in Los Angeles (the gaming industry

Lego chocolate printers and turkey baster flutes

The term hacking (as applied to real life) can be used to describe pretty much any project where planning and procedure is minimal, non-existent or made up on the fly. I like to use the term

The bare naked truth on music file sharing

The first 45 (remember them?) I ever bought with my own money was Steve Miller

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