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13 quad-core Intel Ivy Bridge chips expected

The first wave of Ivy Bridge chips reportedly include 13 quad-core processors and are designed for desktops

Google Docs integration added to Google+ hangouts

Google says users can collaborate on multiple documents at once, all while using Google+ video chat.

Firefox roadmap: Catch Google Chrome

Silent updates, an applications store, hijack prevention and native PDF-viewing are among the improvements the browser will add this year

Facebook ads soon on smartphones, tablets

The social network will reportedly mine member activity for endorsements and explore other ways to serve up ads on mobile devices

Apple’s expected TV may be in TV makers’ hands

Two Canadian telecoms reportedly have Apple TV set prototypes in their respective development labs, according to Canadian media

RIM’s new CEO: Five takeaways

Can RIM's new German-born CEO pull the company from the brink of disaster? As Balsillie and Lazaridis step aside, here are a few interesting quotes from Heins' introductory video

5 trends to watch at CES 2012

From mobile handsets and ultrabooks up to huge OLED TVs, here are a few expected highlights of the Consumer Electronics Show next week.

Tablet Wars: what piques developers

According to a new survey, developers want to build their apps for the iPhone and iPad, but Android devices are still a close second. The dismal outlook for Research in Motion

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