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Rockmelt: The Facebook of Web browsers

A new Web browser, Rockmelt debuts in limited beta Monday and aims to help you keep tabs on your Facebook friends, your favourite sites, and make your Web searches faster

Windows Phone 7 Oct. 11 launch: what we know so far

Microsoft has finally made it official. On Oct. 11 it will debut its Windows Phone 7 at a press event in New York. What we know about possible carriers and devices

Dell in talks over Google Chrome OS, report says

Nothing's official, but a Dell official says the company wants to be "on the forefront" of Google's Web-centric OS. Find out more

Dell to launch Android-powered tablet this summer

The company says the Streak tablet will get an upgrade to the newest, Flash-capable version of Android later this year. Dell first announced the device in January during the Consumer Electronics Show

14 ways to supercharge Your smart phone

Never pay for ringtones, avoid getting lost, and find the best prices with these services for your smartphone

Apple could dodge antitrust bullet, report says

Apple may reverse developer policies, a Wall Street Journal report says, to ward off the threat of a government antitrust investigation. Find out all the details

Google Buzz faces more scrutiny over privacy

The Canadian government is now looking into Google Buzz, and EPIC has filed a complaint with the U.S. FTC over service

Google’s ‘Nexus One’ goes gunning for iPhone

New details suggest the Google phone is real and will reportedly be thinner and smarter than Apple's widely popular smart phone

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