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5 ways to send a custom software project off the rails

Borrowing a metaphor from the construction industry, we have to constantly apply value engineering to avoid overinvestment. At every turn, we must ask, "Isn't there a simpler way?"

New Year’s CRM Resolution: Going on a Leads Diet

David Taber dissects what might be wrong with your CRM strategy and what you can do to streamline and fix it

Top 10 dumb CRM data corruption tricks

In the spirit of David Letterman's occasional feature "Stupid People Tricks," it's time once again for a new list of errors that lead to corrupted CRM records

Avoid 3 cloud app development sand traps

Watch out for decisions or statements that follow these patterns, as they increase the risk of cost, schedule, or quality problems

Cloud-based CRM: Beware bad data, silly object models

The problem is, users (and junior consultants) will feel empowered to set up cloud-based systems up without a plan or even a model for proper system execution. Here are some steps to avoid the pain later on

Cloud app integration: What’s the best path?

Cloud applications lend themselves to a service-oriented architecture, but they can be integrated in a variety of ways

Four dirty little secrets of marketing automation

A few things the vendors won't tell you about CRM

What Salesforce.com Chatter teaches us

The social lessons that Chatter can teach a business. How to make social collaboration work in the enterprise

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