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An IT Strategy for tough times

Over the last ten years companies have spent like crazy on information technology

IT and the Line Manager

Business line managers are not technology managers; everybody

Managing Portal Partnerships

A Web site permits you to extend the scope of your organization

How’s Your Portal Strategy?

It took your management team a considerable time to put together a workable business strategy for the company's Web site but that finally got hammered out.

Danger-filled Visions

An e-vision, whatever else it does, must firmly establish in the organization, and especially the management team, a shared understanding of the value of the Web as a business asset. It must also establish agreement on how this value is to be measured.

A Matter of Governanc

A former senior executive in the federal public service, Chuck Belford started his own Nepean-based management consulting and management training company, Network Environment Associates, in 1994.

Ready, Willing & Able

The hype around e-business is amazing. Every vendor is an expert. Just ask them. One of the...

Bad News is Good News

Recently, two well-known Canadian firms, Holt Renfrew and La Senza, shut down their on-line retail operations. With...

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