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How CIOs can engage the customer

CIOs are reaching beyond their internal colleagues to expand their breadth and depth of external relationships through direct customer touch, according to a Gartner analyst

Why green is gold

IT has a key role to play in helping the enterprise exploit the operational, commercial and branding opportunities that going green offers

Gartner: How CIOs can build an executive career

By delivering transformational solutions, CIOs can build a reputation for performance that serves as a personal brand for their career, according to Gartner's Andrew Rowsell-Jones

Plan like your enterprise

Effective participation in corporate planning ensures that the IT organization is contributing the right things, in the right ways to support the business.

The anytime, anyplace enterprise

The interactive enterprise must be capable of providing access to its information and processes anytime and from anyplace over any network-connected device. Some CIOs are taking a phased approach in getting there.

Getting the right IT

Executives are demanding that IT contribute directly to strategic differentiation and growth. This requires having the right IT, and using business models can help get you there, according to Andrew Rowsell-Jones, research director for Gartner's CIO Executive Programs.

IT in product development

Playing an active role in bringing new products to market is another way for CIOs to position themselves as enterprise leaders

Strengthening the core of IT

CIOs that want IT to make an impact need to get three core elements right: technology, processes and people

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