Friday, August 12, 2022

Andrew Rowsell-Jones


Seven levers of growth

CIOs and their IS organizations need to play a greater part in enterprise top-line growth. The challenge is to understand that growth and contribute in the right way.

A SIM-ple way to make information matter

All enterprises are dealing with information overload. CIOs who achieve strategic information management develop a sharp focus on answering critical business questions and creating opportunities for the enterprise.

The emergence of enterprise dynamics

Conventional management thinking evolved to handle a business environment of relatively predictable change and competition. Today, management thinking is evolving again as executives learn to lead in an environment of constant change.

Opinion Three strategies for customer focused IT

Growth remains a top priority for CEOs, with revenue growth and increasing market share outstripping lowering the cost base as strategic priorities. Because of this, enterprises are seeking to deepen their penetration in home markets and enter new markets.

Driving Customer-centric IT

Organizations are reorganizing to become more customer-centric. This provides an opportunity for I.S. to come out of the back office and become a key player in enabling growth by helping the enterprise connect closely with its customers

Finding success with standards

In the last two decades, we have seen the IS organization mature in its approach to software development. Now, a similar transformation is also happening in the IS organization itself, and in its use of standards to improve IS processes. Enterprises are achieving significant results by using IT standards.

Analyst Outlook: Shift your mindset for benefits realization

Benefits realization is an end-to-end process, requiring special nurturing if it is to be successful. Here are some techniques that work.

Analyst outlook: Turning the IS ship around

When Information Services performance sags, it may be time for you to respond as an outside turnaround specialist would. There is a whole group of CIOs

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