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Where have all the cell phones gone?

Sit down at a meeting, and there will likely be at least one cell phone on the table per person

We could all use more schooling

Unfortunately, we

Three cheers for the last moment

"Thanks goodness for the last moment or nothing would get done." A colleague of mine likes to...


Have you noticed that we now have a spin-off industry in the IT community? It

E-government is getting better

There's a wealth of information on the government Web sites. A lot of it is actually useful, which is an improvement over the standard look-how-good-we-are political stuff that you might expect.

Wishing is easier than buying

The fascinating thing about doing Christmas shopping on the Web is that it actually takes longer than fighting the traffic and going to the mall, or to the seemingly hundreds of Christmas craft sales.

ERP is becoming collaborative

PeopleSoft, one of the largest ERP software vendors is famous for inventing new terms for old processes. The latest initiative is the Collaborative Enterprise and it is actually a suitable and descriptive phrase to replace ERP.

Another opening, another show

If you have had the dubious honour to attend a trade show lately, you will have seen some interesting behaviour on the part of both attendees and vendors.

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