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A workplace by any other name

I'm wary of the vendor that offers a Cadillac solution to a Volkswagen problem.

The changing face of ERP

"ERP is eVolving." A colleague of mine at the end of a long day and a half planning ...

Dot-com becomes dot-calm

The year 2000 started off with the Y2K panic along with the forecasts of aircraft falling out of the sky, the lights around the world switching off and the world generally ending.

Bah Humbug

Last year I went Christmas shopping on the Web and since it was all virtual, I managed ...

Exorcising the ghosts of IT past

For an industry or profession that is less than 100 years old, IT has a lot of ghosts.

Think before you slam government IT folks

Everyone loves to hate governments and everyone likes to bad-mouth public servants. It's just like everyone thinks that the government has...

Are Application Service Providers really new?

Several incarnations ago, I started a service bureau. This was back in the days of punch cards,...

Fantasy is easy, reality is hard

Overheard when passing two people on the street: "His fantasy is that system development is simple." Perhaps...

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