The biggest security story of 2007 – the massive data breach at retail giant TJX Inc. – continued to have an impact on IT professionals in 2008, with business leaders looking to keep their companies out of the headlines.

If industry surveys and experts are correct, corporate data breaches have been on the upswing for the last several years. The main problem for IT organizations seems to be a lack of best practices around security and the failure by most firms to implement encryption measures.

Many vendors have started to recognize the increased need for encryption solutions. In November, Seagate Technology LLC began shipping self-encryption laptop hard drives to computer manufacturers, while Microsoft Corp. integrated file encryption functionality into Windows Server 2008.

Protecting against internal data breaches has proven to be just as important as securing your company against external hackers. This point was driven home early in the year, after a rogue trader at Paris-based bank Soci

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