Xenos Group Inc. of Toronto is shipping version 3.0 of its d2e Vision software, designed to convert print documents into electronic format.

Version 3.0 includes a PCL parser, which supports the PCL 6/XL format and converts printed output for desktop and production printers to other viewing and print formats.

The software’s PDF/A generator now supports the subsetting of embedded fonts, which reduces the file size of the generated PDF/A file by only including the character of a font that are actually used in a document. Xenos says this feature reduces storage requirements for archiving. The AFP parser supports barcode format, while the PDF generator fonts, enable dynamic inter-character adjustment.

Xenos d2E Vision 3.0, which is written in Java, supports Japanese double-byte raster character sets and Chinese character sets within PCL documents for transformation. It also supports anamorphic images for AFP IOCA objects.