Aside from the legend of the submerged AS/400, other tales of the durability of the machine abound. In the archives of Search400 , John Brandt tells us of:

* An AS/400 he dropped 100 feet onto a concrete parking lot. It was up and running again in two hours;

* When a teacher in Cleveland needed a new office and the only available room was where the AS/400 was located. The janitor moved the machine up into the rafters. A few years later, when an IBM rep dropped in to upgrade the machine, the janitor had retired and no one knew where the computer was. They eventually found it in the rafters — still running.

* The forklift driver at a Houston company who accidentally drove the forks of his truck through a wall — and completely through an iSeries on the other side. Brandt says he put some books under the machine to hold it in place while the driver backed out. Three years later, it was still sitting on the books, and still running.

Read more in Brandt’s posting Tales from the AS/400 Crypt.