OK, I’ll start by saying we have no inside information about the alleged mini-iPad. But the fact is billions of bytes are being expended daily speculating on when it’s coming, what size it will be, how much it will cost and how many thousands will be sold in the first 60 seconds not to throw in our two cents worth.
First, though, some of the stories that are flying around the Web this week. Tony Bradley of PCWorld argues that with tablets being increasingly used by staff in corporations and governments, it’s time to put to bed the argument that the devices are merely for consumers. A 7-in or 8-in iPad  in the US$250-range would be welcomed by many organizations that buy hardware because that would be around half the price of a full-size iPad, he argues.
 (The full-size iPad 3)
As for me, I have my doubts there will be a small iPad.despite the torrent of rumours. Why would Apple want to have a product in a highly price-sensitive market? If there is such a device, expect Apple to charge a premium, and that’s a problem. For a $200 tablet, people will say ‘why not?’ For $300 they’ll think twice.
Size is also a consideration. Any 7-in. tablet is easier to carry around than a full-size tablet — but it’s harder to read. A full-size iPad is tremendously entertaining. A small screen is less so. Who will a small iPad be aimed at? First-time buyers? They’re very price-sensitive. How will Apple keep the price down for them? Likely no Retina screen. Likely a pokey CPU. 
On the other hand, Apple may be thinking ‘Where else can we go? A 15-in iPad?’