A maker of interconnect solutions for data centre servers and storage systems has announced silicon it says is optimized for software-defined networks.
Mellanox Technologies Inc. of Sunnyvale, Calif., said Monday its SwitchX-2 — expected to be included in its Ethernet and InifiBand switches — includes advanced capabilities of remote configurable routing tables, lossless and congestion free networks, efficient control planes, and SDN-optimized software interfaces.
In a news release the company said devices armed with SwitchX-2 will enable IT managers to program and centralize their server and storage interconnect management and dramatically reduce their operational expenses by completely virtualizing their data center network.
The company said SwitchX-2 has 4Tbps switching capacity, the industry’s lowest power consumption, extremely low 170ns latency, hardware-based L2/L3 congestion management for highest efficiency and hardware-based data error correction for highest reliability.
SwitchX-2’s advanced feature set enables the creation of larger flat SDN networks with lower cost and higher performance than competitors, the company said.
“SDN technology has been a critical component of the InfiniBand scalable architecture and has been proven worldwide in data centers and clusters of tens-of-thousands of servers, ” said David Barzilai, Mellanox’s vice-president of marketing. “Now, with SwitchX-2, Mellanox provides the most efficient SDN solution for both InfiniBand and Ethernet data centers. Mellanox’s fast, RDMA-based interconnect technology leads the competition in terms of performance, SDN technology and return-on-investment advantages it brings to IT and application managers.”