Last issue I discussed IT in terms of a pack of dogs. But as I concluded, most of us are not animals so getting ahead in IT is actually a little more complicated than the dynamics of a canine hierarchy. Of course, in some companies, that’s only slightly more complicated. How do you get ahead in IT? The traditional answer is that you need to put your nose to the grindstone, your shoulder to the wheel and “give 110 per cent!” What utter crap.

This “all for the company” line has become the mantra of the high-tech business. “Want to get ahead? Give up your life! Eat, sleep and breathe your job! Your reward will come in the fullness of time! And here, have a fusball table and free food while you wait!” Yum. Nothing like gourmet pizza and free Evian to make up for no life.

Nope, if you’re smart and you want to really get ahead, consider the thinking of Niccol

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