About a year ago, Cam Murray put Fidelity’s Toronto-based IT operations to the test, bringing in a third party to do an evaluation of project governance structure and project methodology.

“I wanted to do a health check,” said Murray. “I was looking at such things as where the PMO [project management office] is going, and should it be more of an enterprise PMO and a program management office as opposed to a project management office.”

The result? The project practices of the Canadian operations were deemed to be best in breed.

Although a lot of the Canadian practices were built off those in the company’s U.S. operations, they have been modified and honed for the Canadian environment. And now the situation has been reversed.

Said Murray, “We’re able to share with other parts of Fidelity some of the reporting mechanisms and governance structures and things of that nature that we’ve put in place up here, and the Canadian practices are being leveraged where beneficial.”