Useful links for CIOs compiled from our daily blog: CIO Canada
• Your internal auditor is an ally in your data quality program, state of Washington CIO Tony Tortorice said in a recent podcast. Team with the CFO office to substantiate controls in systems.
• Business Technology (BT) is the largest single technology-management transition CIOs will face over the next 5-10 years, according to a recent report from Forrester Research, as BT redefines IT’s operating model in the enterprise.
• A U.S. doctor and CIO has compiled a glossary of terms about data centres to help other stakeholders in major IT infrastructure projects understand what technology professionals are talking about.
• A consultant named Eric Brown created a weekly blog series called “The New CIO” which looks at innovation, project management, strategy and tactics, keeping your staff engaged and happy and more.
• Forbes magazine published an article that suggested the economic recession presents a major opportunity for CIOs to renegotiate with their suppliers for better pricing and service, and examines the impact of vendor cost-cutting.
• The CIO for New York State outlined details of a major IT investment plan that will see US$3 billion in IT investments from approximately 90 State agencies and authorities. Interesting comparative data for Canadian public sector CIOs.
• A study by Warwick Business School, on behalf of global IT services firm Cognizant, interviewed 263 CIOs and finance directors across Europe, and found that the majority lack the tools to effectively measure the return on investment (ROI) from outsourcing projects.
• While Canadians wait for Amazon’s Kindle to arrive, you can get your reading list prepared by browsing a list of 10 Kindle Books for CIOs. Included: IT Savvy, Greater Than Yourself and Mastering the Hype Cycle.