If you’ve glanced through the preceding pages of this issue of ComputerWorld Canada, you’ll have noticed that things are a tad different. This edition of the magazine represents the culmination of a project that our editorial and graphic design teams began months ago. Welcome to the new and improved ComputerWorld Canada.

We’ve introduced a number of new elements, some of which are subtle, while others are more obvious. A few of the most notable ones include:

• A new section devoted entirely to one of IT’s most pressing issues: security. While articles about this topic have permeated our sections for years, we now offer a convenient landing area to which you can turn directly to find the latest news on new security products, trend analysis pieces, advice and industry initiatives. Our aim is to help you keep the bad guys at bay and ensure that your systems keep running smoothly

• A New Products section that collects descriptions, availability dates, pricing information and vendor Web links to the latest and greatest wares the IT industry has to offer. The briefs will offer “quick-hit” glimpses at the products that are most important to you, providing an informative overview of why each product matters and what it aims to do

• An expanded collection of opinions, renamed Viewpoints. We all love to hear what others think about the world of IT — and, of course, to agree or disagree. This revamped section contains new columnists as well as some familiar ones, all with something to get off their respective chests

• Easier access to the resources of our Web site, ITWorldCanada.com. With both our QuickLink mini-section on page 3 and a new Knowledge Centre section, ComputerWorld Canada will offer a faster, easier way to get online and help you find out more about what matters.

Other big changes include a move to new fonts that make for easier reading and the inclusion of more “infoboxes”, graphs and charts throughout the magazine, designed to add extra data to associated articles. It’s another way to help us realize our goal of packing as much information into these pages as we possibly can.

We hope you like the new look and content of the magazine. I urge you to send an e-mail (genright@itworldcanada.com) and let me know what you think. Happy reading.

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