The necessity of implementing an IT service management frameworkis now centre stage in the business world and the public sector,with customizable procedures such as the IT Infrastructure Library(ITIL) taking the spotlight.

Over the past decade, the ITIL has gained recognition as a defacto standard in service management, creating consistency acrossorganizations and geographies.

“The year 2006 promises to be when the ITIL market willexperience a surge in best practices as companies look to integratenew developments into better delivery of service-to-business,” saidGerry Geddes, Country Manager, Quint Wellington Redwood CanadaInc.

The managing consultant firm will be conducting an ITILcertification course and delivering educational seminars in Torontoas part of the LinuxWorld & NetworkWorld Conference &Expo.

Geddes, a keynote speaker, joins several other industry expertspresenting sessions on ITIL/Service Management and Governance atthe event, which is April 24 to 26, 2006 at the Metro TorontoConvention Centre.

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