The advantage of buying suites of services is gaining a raft of capabilities that are available when needed. The disadvantage is IT departments are saddled with unneeded tools which may be a drain on the budget.

Websense Inc. has decided to meet that quandary by changing the way it sells its Triton data loss prevention suite. On Tuesday it revealed APX 8.0, which splits the former Triton Enterprise suite into four separately-sold components:

–AP-Web, on-premise or cloud protection against advanced threats with multiple deployment options;

–AP-Email, which identifies attacks on email systems, high risk users and insider threats;

–AP-Data, which protects sensitive data on servers, endpoints or in the cloud through policies;

–and AP-Endpoint, for Windows and OSX users, which can monitor and block .

Enterprises can also buy them all in what the company calls the Triton APX Enterprise Core suite.

“It’s a new way to better consider what technologies business can consider right now and what technologies they may wish to use to augment their security solutions down the line,” Carl Leonard, the company’s principal security analyst, said in an interview. “It’s an acknowledgement that sometimes you need a stepping stone to get your security posture up to par.”

CSOs can deal with their hardest problems first in one or more of the modules, he said, and then look at buying other capabilities — such as forensic analysis — later.

Depending on what modules are bought, APX can detect custom encrypted uploads, password file data theft or slow data leaks. There’s also optical character recognition of text within images and geo-location destination awareness.

Websense wouldn’t give pricing details of the four modules, saying cost will vary based on specific needs as well as an organization’s size.

The company says APX operates across the entire seven-stage kill chain rather than rely on malware signatures for defence.

It leverages Websense’s Advanced Classification Engine, which provides real-time composite risk scoring and predictive analysis.

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