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Remcos Trojan back on Check Point’s top 10 list of global threats

Check Point Software Technologies’ Global Threat Index for February has seen Remcos Trojan return to the top 10 list for the first time since...

Hackers using OneNote instead of macros to deliver malware: Report

With protections against VBS macros increasing, threat actors find another way to sneak malicious attachments past defences

Study: the most dangerous searches for software online

In a recent study, Surfshark analyzed search results obtained by Googling for downloads of popular software, and their findings are enough to make you...

YARA rules released to detect threat actors’ use of Cobalt Strike

For years hackers have used cracked versions of the Cobalt Strike attack emulation tool to help their work. Now defenders can more easily detect unauthorized use of the tool

When it comes to your email security, expect the unexpected

Cyber-attacks are on a sharp rise, and smaller companies are three times more likely to be victimized by hackers than larger companies. There are...

Prilex POS attack group more active this year, report warns

Malware capable of stealing PIN numbers entered by customers

Montreal man alleged to be an operator behind the Golden Chickens malware

Researchers at eSentire say they know the man's name, home address, his social media accounts and more after analyzing posts on criminal forums

Malware aimed at industrial engineers discovered

Hidden in an application that promises to unlock PLC passwords, the malware also installs connectivity to a botnet

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