Web services management and security provider Digital Evolution Inc. on Monday is announcing its acquisition of former competitor Flamenco Networks Inc., which has provided specialized network infrastructure for implementing Service-Oriented Architectures (SOAs).

Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed. Digital Evoluton says the acquisition establishes the company as a provider of a complete solution for SOA security, management, and provisioning. “There’s a lot of product synergy,” said Ian Goldsmith, vice-president of product marketing at Digital Evolution. “Flamenco’s very strong in provisioning, very strong in .Net, and they have the managed services.”

Flamenco has provided infrastructure to secure architectures based on SOAP. Flamenco offers a hosted, managed network service, called Flamenco Controller, which provides provisioning and metadata management. The company also has offered Flamenco Proxy, which is a distributed Web services proxy that acts as an endpoint for a SOAP VPN. It allows enterprises to communicate with the Flamenco managed service.

The Flamenco technology has allowed IT network and security operations to enforce enterprise security policies, automate access provisioning, enable trading partner self-service, and control qualities of service, Digital Evolution said. Flamenco’s technology is to be added to the Digital Evolution SOA management platform and the company’s flagship Digital Evolution Service Manager.

“We’ll combine Flamenco’s technology with our technology to make the existing Flamenco hosted services technology stronger,” Goldsmith said.

Flamenco had approached Digital Evolution about being acquired because Flamenco was having financial difficulties, said Goldsmith.

Effective now, all Flamenco products become part of the Digital Evolution product suite.

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