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The New Media Society –

What you’ll find: You’ll find slick graphics, an online newsletter, and the date, time, place, and topic of the monthly face-to-face networking event, the Cyber Salon.

What you won’t: You won’t find job listings at this Web site or intrusive Web ads.

The essentials: This Washington, D.C., metro area group provides networking opportunities for locals interested in the business and marketing aspects of new media.

Internet Professional Publisher’s Association –

What you’ll find: Visitors will find an open forum to discuss site design and development, a gallery featuring members’ site designs, and an open design competition.

What you won’t: You won’t find a separate page for job listings, but will find an occasional job posting in the open forum.

The essentials: Anyone, anywhere, can participate in networking on the site and seek the opinions and advice of other Web professionals.

Association of Internet Professionals –

What you’ll find: You’ll find information about networking opportunities with chapters located in the United States and Europe.

What you won’t: You won’t find job listings — yet. The AIP is scheduled to launch a job page in September.

The essentials: An affiliate of the association is working on industry training accreditation.

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