With due respect to irony and such, the times may be a-changingafter all, at least in the minds of some CIOs.

The IT Governance Institute, f’rinstance, reports that securityis way down the list of the things that keep tech managers awake atnight. Perhaps reflecting a measure of security success in aSarbanes-Oxley world, compliance is also trailing these days.

Most troublesome? Those elusively labeled “operationalincidents” and – no surprise here – staffing issues. (Right: Take anumber).

However interesting (or not), by the way, there are caveatshere. The IT Governance Institute is an Illinois-based researchoutfit with a private sector focus. Results from a similar surveyof tech managers in the Canadian public sector would no doubtreflect more concern with, for example, security issues.

That said, however, the Institute has turned up some intriguingdata, worth checking out at www.itgi.org. (Look for StatusReport 2006 and register accordingly).

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