Wacom debuts touch screen technology


Wacom Corp. has announced a touchsreen technology that it describes as more sensitive and requiring less pressure from users.

The Reversing Ramped Field Capacative (RRFC) technology users low power circuitry and revsering ramped electro-static fields, which can be used by manufacturers making touch screen computers or other hardware with finger touch interfaces.

Saitama, Japan-based Wacom, which makes pen tablets and interactive pen displays, claims RRFC is “effectively immune to noise” can has transmissivitiy of up to 95 per cent, while other screens only have 80 to 85 per cent transmissivity. This means users don’t need to apply as much pressure, Wacom says.

The vendor is providing software drivers for RRFC to manufacturers. Wacom claims its RRFC and EMR pen input technologies can work together from a single ASIC and MCU pair.


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