VMware Inc. has acquired application performance management software maker B-hive Networks Inc. in a deal that will strengthen the virtualization giant’s global R&D facilities.

Based out of San Mateo, Calif., B-hive has its principal R&D operations in Herzliya, Israel. As a result of the acquisition, B-hive’s team will form the core of Palo Alto, Calif.-based VMware’s new development centre in Israel and offer its technical expertise for performance management and service level reporting on VMware applications and virtual machines.

“As customers increasingly standardize on the VMware platform to run their business-critical applications, it is critical for virtual infrastructure administrators to ensure the performance of applications from an end-user’s perspective,” Stephen Herrod, CTO at VMware, said in a release. “B-hive’s agent-less, virtual appliance-based approach goes beyond traditional monitoring approaches to proactively manage application performance to specified levels. These capabilities, combined with VMware’s proven virtualization platform, can allow our customers to consistently deliver on their application service level objectives.”

For example, Herrod said, if B-hive identifies a slowed application response time, it can address the issue by automatically instructing VMware Infrastructure to adjust the resources allocated to the application, or if necessary, provision a new virtual machine.

B-hive’s flagship product, the B-hive Conductor, is an agent-less virtual appliance for data centres and applications that enables an intelligent operations lifecycle across both physical and virtual environments.

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