VMware announces new VM management tools


VMware Inc. is focusing on data centre automation with the announcement of several new virtual machine management products at this week’s VMworld Europe in France.

The Palo Alto, Calif.-based company is introducing the VMware Lifecycle Manager, VMware Lab Manager and VMware Stage Manager, to help extend its infrastructure platform and bring automation to the data centre.

VMware Lifecycle Manager addressees the needs of infrastructure administrators, allowing IT managers to develop an automated process for requesting, approving, deploying, updating, and retiring VMs. VMware Lab Manager is aimed at development and QA engineers and provides self-service provisioning of multi-tier VM based environments. And VMware Stage Manager is designed for IT and application administrators, enabling them a streamlined and accelerated way to transition new applications through integration, testing, and finally, into production.

For business continuity, VMware also announced the Site Recovery Manager, which it said will make disaster recovery more manageable via a centralized and automated process.

VMware Lab Manager is currently available. VMware Lifecycle Manager, Stage Manager and Site Recovery Manager are expected to be available by this year’s second quarter.


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