Vidyo Inc. has announced five conferencing products that deliver high-definition video to the desktop.

At the DEMO ’08 conference, the Hackensack, N.J.-based company announced its VidyoConferencing product set. The products work on the H.264 standard, which lets users adapt applications to varying network conditions. All VidyoConferencing products work over IP networks.

VidyoRouter is an appliance that that provides composite layout, rate matching and error localization without encoding or decoding. VidyoRoom has two models, which can be ordered with camera and speakerphone. Both support 720p video at up to 60 frames per second.

VidyoDesktop is a software client for Macintosh or Windows PCs, which gives users password-protected space, enabling them to schedule conferences.

VidyoPortal is a Web based environment used to manage VidyoConferencing, and lets users define calling features, search for other users and setup account preferences.

VidyoGateway, which supports H.264 and H.263 end points, lets MCU-based systems operate with VidyoConferencing. It also works on SIP and H.323.