Verian Technologies Inc.’s ProcureIT 4.2.5 aims to improve inventory management and reduce overhead costs by automating purchasing – all from a Web-based interface (Netscape and Microsoft Explorer 3.0 and later). With ProcureIT, you can speed up the supply-chain loop so your employees can better track the status of customers’ orders. Individual access to the procurement process allows employees to track items online, saving them valuable time. By logging on to ProcureIT to check the status of a shipment, employees avoid the hassles involved with physically contacting the shipping department via phone or e-mail, tasks that are often very time-consuming. In addition, CIOs can better record their companies’ performance by tracking the time they take to fulfill a customer request. This data can then be compiled and used during future customer negotiations and sales meetings. The latest version of ProcureIT comes with many enhancements, such as multiple pick lists for frequent or seasonal order lists, an employee in-the-office/out-of-office schedule, and purchase order attachments such as drawings or documents. ProcureIT starts at US$70,000, depending on size and complexity of the installation. Verian Technologies Inc., of Charlotte, N.C. is at

Prices listed are in US currency.