The number of devices that support the new USB 3.0 connection standard is slowly growing, bringing with it the promise of faster data transfer speeds. But the body that develops USB standards said Tuesday that’s not the only benefit.
As this story from ComputerWorld U.S. details, the USB Implementers Forum also says USB 3.0 also means faster charging times for mobile devices. That’s good news for anyone who charges a device through a computer.
(USB 3.0 cables often come with blue tips, although the 3.0 micro-cable –fourth from left — in this photo doesn’t. It sits beside a 2.0 micro-cable. Photo from USB Robotics)
The USB-IF also said Tuesday that the number of USB 3.0 (also dubbed SuperSpeed) certified devices has doubled  in the past year and now stands at 590.
A quick look across the Internet found laptops from HP, Dell, Apple and Lenovo with USB 3.0 ports — although not all models.  The status of the two most popular smart phones isn’t clear: The web site for Apple’s iPhone 4S says the handset has a USB connection, but doesn’t say which version; the web site for Samsung’s Galaxy S III is silent.