Looking to spur systems-level management for handheld devices, Tivoli Systems Inc. on Monday introduced Tivoli Smart Handheld Device Manager.

Tivoli Smart Handheld Device Manager lets enterprises distribute software to handheld devices, said Bart Jacob, technical evangelist at Austin, Texas-based Tivoli’s pervasive management business unit.

“We are allowing companies who want to roll out Palm OS and Windows CE devices to build them as tools and manage them centrally,” Jacob said. “We do that without requiring an IT shop to even touch the machine the first time.”

Besides no-touch management features, Jacob said the new software includes software distribution, wireless WAN and LAN connectivity, device discovery, device configuration, and dynamic device groups, which automates change management and device provisioning processes.

The software will manage products including Palm OS-based devices, Handhelds/PC with Windows CE 2.11, and Pocket/PC with Windows CE 3.0.

Tivoli Smart Handheld Device Manager will be available early next year. Pricing has not been determined.