Information technology departments are under more pressure than ever to prove their value in today’s climate. In these times, we must be diligent about not losing sight of the fundamentals. Here are some ways to increase your value and that of IT at your company:

• Execution is everything; just get it done.

Don’t get embroiled in endless analysis; take reasonable risks and just do it.

• Deliver solutions, not ideologies.

Drop the religious debates over Unix vs. Linux vs. Windows. Just deliver the most appropriate solutions that are consistent with your enterprise’s overall IT architecture at the most competitive cost.

• Deliver a consistent message.

Tactics change, but your strategy and vision should be good for the long haul.

• It’s a buyer’s market, so take advantage of it.

Vendors are more willing to negotiate than ever. Take advantage by playing the field for commodity buys and driving down prices.

• Think enterprise-wide.

Target your IT initiatives across the entire enterprise when possible. Cost pressures make it a necessity, because management will resist site-specific implementations.

• Develop a working knowledge of Linux.

Linux is becoming increasingly common, so it’s important to understand the economic and technical issues around it.

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