Tibco updates its Tibbr mobile app


As enterprise social networking applications spread through organizations, their ability to be accessed on mobile devices is also needed.

Among those making changes is Tibco Software Inc., which this week added to the feature set and connectivity of the mobile version of its Tibbr social network suite.

Tibbr’s Enterprise Social Graph, a tool for discovering people, business processes or applications they are interested in, is now available on the mobile app.

Ram Menon, president of the company’s social computing division, gave as an example a staff person who has spent several hours out of touch with their organization travelling who wants to catch up to the latest work on a project. With the Graph’s “discovery panel” the staffer can find the status without wading through loads of messages.

Also new on the mobile versions are ways to approve action on items such as purchase orders or meetings.
(Latest version of Tibbr mobile makes it easier for users to take action on items)

“The idea is to make it beautiful, easy and intelligent,” said Menon

Finally, Tibco has extended Tibbr mobile support to more platforms: It is about to be released for devices using the BlackBerry 10 operating system, including the Z10 and Q10 smartphones, as well as for Android tablets. “A lot of our customers are asking about BlackBerry,” Menon said.

The app already supports devices that run Apple iOS, BlackBerry OS 6/7 and Android on smart phones. However, there aren’t apps for Windows smart phones or tablets. Users of those devices have to access Tibbr through a browser.

The Tibbr mobile app for the new platforms will be available in app stores later this month.


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