Tibco Software Inc. has launched a cloud version of its Spotfire Analytics data discovery and visualization platform.

Spotfire Cloud gives organizations the ability to deploy analytics as a hosted service, the company said, so they can make faster decisions.

“By changing the game in making business intelligence cost-effective for everyone, Spotfire Cloud eliminates the need for corporate IT management of an analytics platform,” the company said in a release. “Spotfire Cloud service offerings are available for enterprises, departments, and individuals, each of which radically reduces the time to derive and act upon their first analytic insight.”

The services available are

Spotfire Cloud Personal: A Web-based client for individuals who need quick visual data discovery. Users can create interactive visualizations on a table or laptop by uploading a spreadsheet into a browser. Costs US$30 a month/$300 a year for up to 100 GB storage;

Spotfire Cloud Work Group: Analytics for project teams and serious analysts who need more application-building tools to visually explore data quickly and easily, and deploy analytic applications at a very low cost. Costs US$200 a month/$2,000 a year for five seats. Up to 250 GB of storage;

Spotfire Cloud Enterprise: A secure, full-featured, private server implementation of the Spotfire platform for medium and large organizations, sold as a platform-as-a-service.

“As cloud technologies become an increasingly large part of businesses’ IT infrastructure, it’s critical that Tibco is able to offer valuable solutions that support these technologies,” said Matt Quinn, the company’s chief technology officer. “Over the past year, we’ve been committed to developing and acquiring the foremost cloud services that enable businesses to discover new ways of connecting people, derive intelligence, and improve operational efficiency. With Spotfire Cloud, we are confident we can deliver best-in-class analytics services for individuals, teams, and enterprises.”

Organizations can test the cloud offering free for 30 days.