When frequent fliers land on solid ground, what better accommodation to make them feel truly at home than a renovated airplane?

Yes, you heard right: Max Power Aerospace, based in Smyrna, Tenn., is retrofitting Boeing Co. 727s for use as private homes. The planes are designed to sit atop a steel column, creating a flood-free residence with a magnificent view whether on land or high above the water. The structure safely swivels to always point into the wind, thereby providing protection from hurricanes. The interior is roughly 1,200 square feet, and an average layout can accommodate three bedrooms and two baths.

The homes’ wings are equipped with handrails to create a deck on either side where owners can wheel out the drink cart for cocktails. And though the windows are small, they’re evenly spaced throughout to provide liberal lighting. However, putting down all the shades for privacy might get a little tiresome.

Pricing on the planes-turned-homes is roughly US$290,000, and Max Power is in final negotiations with one customer so far.

For more info, visit www.maxpoweraero.com.

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