When you’re out in the field and your laptop gets hit by a virulent strain of malware and the machine is prevented to connect to the Internet, your Web apps will be rendered useless and you’re essentially dead on the water.

However, if you’ve had the forethought of having a USB thumb drive pre-loaded with essential emergency apps you might just have improved the odds of getting your machine back up and running in a jiffy.

This article from PCWorld.com offers a list of ideal PC survival apps including an open source app that includes hundreds of free versions of popular programs, to a secured mobile browser, to several anti-malware programs, to a rootkit-killer, to a Linux-based operating system to help you recover files in your hard drive and back it up across the network.

The selection also includes some very useful file deletion tools, a program uninistaller and even a handy password database.


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All you need to do is follow the instructions on how to download them into your flash drive and have the drive at hand when the next emergency strikes.

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