With the countdown for Research in Motion’s much awaited release of the BlackBerry 10 down to just over a week, the smartphone maker has announced it has received 15,000 app submissions for the device during two developers’ events also known as “Portathons.”

Although the Canadian smart phone maker came across the apps in just two days, RIM still has some serious catching up to do as Apple Inc. boasts that its App Store lists no less than 775,000 applications and Google Corp.’s Google Play store has around 675,000 apps.


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One of the developer events was targeted at the BlackBerry 10 community whule the other was focused on Android developers with the goal of enticing them to bring their programs into RIM’s new platform. RIM is offering developers $100 for each approved application. Developers that have their app approved also get a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha handset.

RIM which has lost its long-held enterprise market share to iPhones and a slew or Android-powered smart phones is betting on BlackBerry 10 to recover the brand’s lost lustre.

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