Things are loosening up enough in the tech job market that companies are finding that they have to provide better incentives to lure the talent they want.
In a survey of 1,350 recruiters and employers, nearly one-third of the respondents said that in the third quarter, they had to sweeten the pot when seeking to hire new talent.

What is the primary additional incentive being offered to hire new tech talent?

• Higher salaries or salary sweeteners: 42%

• Sign-on bonuses: 22%

• Flexible work options, including telecommuting: 9%

• Working on new or emerging technologies: 7%

• Better non-monetary benefits: 5%

• Better title: 4%

• Reimbursable education or technical training programs: 2%

• Stock options: 2%

• Opportunities to work overseas: 1%

• None of the above: 6%

Source: The Dice Report, September 2010