Tasman Networks Inc. has introduced a new entry-level WAN access router and security device. The Tasman 1001 also includes new features added to a new version of the company’s operating system, including multicast routing, IPSec VPN, firewall, and an integrated Web-based GUI.

The Tasman 1001 single port T1/E1 router is an entry-level WAN access router and security device designed for branch offices or small to midsize businesses. It can be used for high-speed Internet access, as a policy-based firewall with VPN, or as part of a VoIP solution.

Features of the Tasman 1001 include a single T1\E1 WAN port, a backup option module for increased security and data protection, dual 10/100Base T Ethernet support, an integrated VPN firewall, and a newly designed small form factor. Prices for the Tasman 1001 begin at $995.

“These routers are designed for companies that operate multiple remote offices, and we have a feature set that can help companies add services to their remote offices at a very affordable price,” said Jon Affeld, director of product marketing at Tasman. Tasman routers aggregate T-1 lines and support a wide variety of protocols including PPP, MLPPP, HDLC, Frame Relay, Multilink Frame Relay, RIP, OSPF, and BGP4.