Symantec offers client management suite


Symantec Corp. has announced a single suite of IT lifecycle management tools that can be rolled out to mid- and large-sized enterprise clients.

The Waltham, Mass. –based company is making the tools available to its resellers and solutions providers.

The Symantec LiveState Client Management Suite includes LiveState Delivery 6.0, LiveState Patch Manager 6.0, Symantec Discovery 6.0, LiveState Designer 6.0 and Symantec pcAnywhere.

According to Symantec, the LiveState suite provides a unified solution that makes it easier for IT managers to simplify and automate many IT lifecycle processes such as patch management, security and recovery. In addition, the suite improves the visibility of IT assets, and automates patch management.

It also interoperates with existing lifecycle management processes and tools.

Thom Baily, director of product management and enterprise administration for Symantec Corp. said the suite follows in the wake of growing convergence between different and once separate parts of network management, between security, storage and recovery.

He said companies with between 1,001 and 5,000 users would be interested in the suite. “In many cases, these [companies] are already Symantec anti-virus customers and the value proposition to them is that we are offering an effective business continuity solution as well.”

A key feature of the suite, according to Baily, is each of the different parts will have its own console. Large companies often have separate individuals who handle different aspects of network and lifecycle management, a person who handles security and another who does recovery.

Such users, Baily said, would welcome the ability to access specific aspects of the suite. At the same time, he added, the suite’s integrated approach to network and lifecycle management will appeal to smaller IT departments where often a single individual is in charge of all network issues, said Baily.

Abe Fisher, vice-president of Setauket Computer Technology in South Jamesport, NY said his clients will likely take to the suite as it not only simplifies management issues, but support issues as well. Businesses, said Fisher, want to interact with fewer vendors – to streamline purchasing as well as to reduce the number of companies they need deal with if problems arise.

“If you have three or four product together in a single suite then it is a single vendor’s problem if something goes wrong, not several,” Fisher said.

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