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Cisco Annual Security Report 2015

Download The Cisco 2015 Annual Security Report for insights into the ongoing race between attackers and defenders, and how users are becoming ever-weaker links in...

15 great gadgets you can’t get in the U.S.

You want 'em? You have to go outside the U.S. -- or to the online gray market -- to get 'em

How dangerous user behaviour puts networks at risk

Recent research from the Ponemon Institute revealed that a majority of users disobey company security standards -- and they do so knowingly. In addition, survey data just released by RSA shows that trusted insiders create data exposures of extraordinary scope through their everyday behaviours. Here are some behaviours to watch for and guard against.

Mobile doubts slow adoption

Uncertainty about how to secure mobile phones in the face of increasing threats is slowing enterprise adoption of mobile applications, experts exhibiting at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona last month said

New worm threat rings in the New Year

Security experts warn a new virus has been popping up on thousands of computers, just as people

Net savvy Canadians not put off by online risks

Canadian Web users remain largely unfazed by tales of pirated software, hacker attackers, spyware, viruses and anything else online villains throw their way, according to a recent survey.

Canadian Net users un-spooked by security threats

Canadian Web users remain largely unspooked by tales of pirated software, hacker attackers, spyware, viruses and the like, says a recent survey.

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