Surfware unveils machine tooling software


Surfware Inc. of Camarillo, Calif. has announced updates to its Surfcam Velocity manufacturing software. Version 4 is scheduled for launch this September at the International Manufacturing Technology Show.

Surfcam Velocity 4, a computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) application, will have faster processing for its 3-axis finishing function. Surfware says the software will also include reduced length for rapid motions and tapered tool support. For four- and five-axis finishing, Velocity 4 will support collision checking, avoidance and toolpath containment.

The software will also support Truemill, a technology designed by Surfware to ensure there are no spokes in a tool load. Truemill is also designed to prevent abrupt changes in direction and sharp corners.

The vendor claims its technology helps extend tool life for materials including aluminum, titanium and steels.


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