SuperTube from Engage; Location tagging from PixSense


Engage Communication has multiplexed its IPTube’s T1/E1 Circuit extension over Ethernet solution. The SuperTube option combines four T1/E1 circuits into a single IP packet stream, reducing the encapsulation overhead bandwidth and the packet frequency by 75 per cent by multiplexing the four T1/E1s together and then transporting them as a bundle within a single IP packet.

This provides significant network advantages when backhauling existing T1 or E1 circuits over IP using wireless radio technologies. Another major benefit of the SuperTube is said to be the 75 per cent reduction of the number of packets per second required to extend four T1/E1 circuits across an IP WAN. The Aptos, Calif., company gave no pricing for SuperTube.

Location tagging from PixSense

PixSense has launched a new location tagging feature, Media Map, on the PixSense PSP (preserve, share, publish) Platform. Media Map automatically captures the geographic location and the time that photos or video were taken by the subscriber’s cell phone. The captured data is automatically integrated with an online interactive map. It is also added to the subscriber’s online gallery where it can be categorized by date/time, location, or event.

Subscribers will be able to send an entire album based on a trip or specific timeframe to friends, without having to send each photo individually. The Santa Clara, Calif., company said location tagging greatly expands PSP’s functionality.


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